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The Bear’s Sea Escape by Benjamin Chaud

This delightful sequel picks up right where The Bear’s Song (another Wee Read favorite) leaves off, and follows a new adventure of Papa Bear trying to find his Little Bear. Their journey takes them from a crowded Paris department store, to a bustling wharf, onto a cruise ship, under the sea, and to a tropical island. Our kids love spotting Little Bear on each gorgeously illustrated spread. Like the very best picture books, there are stories happening well beyond the words on the page.

Wee You-Things Named Top App for Kids

Yippee! Digital-Storytime named Wee You-Things one of the five top book apps for preschoolers for 2014.

In partnership with Teachers With Apps, Digital-Storytime also published a review of the app, calling Wee You-Things “exactly the kind of book we need to read to our children to help instill 21st century character traits of acceptance … every element in this simple read is stunning, and the message so poignant!” Teachers With Apps also recommends Wee You-Things for helping develop social and emotional learning

Regarding their “Best of” list, Digital-Storytime said, "We believe the best formats for presenting good books will always be story-driven and reader-driven, not technology-driven … In a sea of content, it can be difficult to separate a fun kids app that happens to have a storyline from more meaty literature and educational content for young audiences. We hope we’ve helped.”

You can download the Wee You-Things app for iOS right here.

What Wee Read

The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers

“Henry loves books, but not like you and I, not quite. Henry loves to EAT books. And here is the BEST bit: the more he eats, the smarter he gets.” Our preschoolers’ latest favorite is classic Oliver Jeffers: a quirky and silly story with charming illustrations. We especially love the surprise ending. It gets us all giggling almost every time.

What Wee Read

Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina

After 50 years in print, this mischievous classic hasn't lost its charm with our kids. When a peddler falls asleep under a tree, he loses his hats to some tricksy monkeys and must figure out how to get them back. We love how the book’s silliness sneaks in subtle lessons about counting and sorting, too — making this enduring folktale turned classic storybook a permanent addition to our shelf at home.  

What Wee Read

My Teacher is a Monster! by Peter Brown

Just in time for heading back to school, we’re loving this new release from the author of one of our all-time favorites Mr. Tiger Goes Wild. Bobby (who happens to like throwing paper airplanes) has a big, green, mean monster for a teacher — which our kids find hilarious. When Bobby runs into her at the park one day, an initially awkward interaction ends with the realization that teachers are people too. 

What Wee Read

Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio

Meet Gaston, a bulldog in a family of poodles. Our kids giggle and giggle as Gaston and his sisters Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo and Ooh-La-La practice being perfectly proper pooches. “Sip. Never slobber!…Walk with grace. Never race!”  When the poodles bump into a burly bulldog family at the park, Gaston’s world turns upside-down, and he isn’t sure where he belongs. He ultimately finds that home is where he can be his unique self. And the sweet surprise ending gets us every time.

3 RAWWRRRS for World Lion Day!

Since Sunday is World Lion Day, we thought we’d give you and your kids a weekend’s worth of fun stuff to enjoy with our favorite lion, Leo. (He’s pretty excited about it!)

Bring one of Leo’s roars to life. Draw the noisiest roar imaginable with this free activity sheet. Or get crafty with your kids by making a super-nifty lion mask — our kids have a blast prancing around like Leo. Get our how-to guide here.

Leo likes to help out with the alphabet, too. You can find him in the Wee Alphas app. Or bring him home to hang out on the wall with a personalized print from our shop.

Happy weekend!

What Wee Read

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein by Jennifer Berne

Before he had crazy hair and discovered relativity, Albert Einstein was a curious boy with a big heart and a serious case of the giggles. We love how the book celebrates that quirkiness can lead to brilliant ideas. It’s a perfect read for the curious kid — exploring how math, play and imagination all work together to help us discover new things.