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My Dad Is Big and Strong, But... by Coralie Saudro and Kris Di Giacomo

For those with a less than smooth bedtime routine, try this comic role reversal of a boy whose dad never wants to go to bed. The boy tries everything, but his dad won’t cooperate. He stands on his head. He swings from the chandelier. Then the boy reads him a story (with Dad on his lap!), and that seems to do the trick. But he wants to hear it again. And again. Eventually, the boy finally gets him to go to sleep. Sound familiar? 

Spotted! Wee Hee Hees Win Design Award

The Wee Hee Hee poster series was honored for design excellence by Communication Arts, a juried competition that recognizes the world's best visual communications. In addition to a shiny new trophy, the Wee Hee Hee posters (which are now available exclusively at art.com) earned an appearance in the September/October 2015 Communication Arts Design Annual. 

Congrats to our design partner Office.

What Wee Read

The Big Blue Thing on the Hill by Yuval Zommer

For the animals living in the Great Forest, it's a huge problem when A Big Blue Thing (a Volkswagen van) mysteriously shows up on an otherwise peaceful Howling Hill. It has to go. The bears, wolves and foxes try to scare it away, with no luck. Then the wise old owls recommend sending in the forest's  tiniest creatures  bees, wasps and mosquitoes — a big bug flying squad. And it works. At least until the next mysterious big thing arrives on Howling Hill. Our kids love following the plan of attack, cheering for team-wildlife, and giggling at the surprise ending.