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Dinosaur Bob and his Adventures with the Family Lazardo by William Joyce

It’s rare that we come across a book that feels truly original, in the the very best kind of quirky way. After the adventurous, vacationing Lazardo family finds Dinosaur Bob, they bring him home to Pimlico Hills. They hope he’ll fit right in — since he can play trumpet, baseball and do the Hokey Pokey. But not everyone in Pimlico Hills agrees. And Bob’s future is at risk, until he becomes the town hero at a baseball game. If your kids are into dinos and baseball, this is a must-read. Bonus: The book ends with sheet music for The Ballad of Dinosaur Bob.

What Wee Read

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School by Davide Cali and Benjamin Chaud

This is a story of wildly imaginative excuses. A boy is late for school because some giant ants steal breakfast. And a bunch of other reasons — involving evil ninjas, a huge ape, a giant blob, Yeti, mysterious mole people, time travel and dinosaurs. The book is beautifully illustrated by Benjamin Chaud (who brilliantly wrote and illustrated The Bear’s Song and The Bear’s Sea Escape). It’s one of the best new books of the year.

Spotted: Wee You-Things featured in USA TODAY

On Mother’s Day, USA TODAY featured 5 apps that can support moms (and dads) as they help their kids navigate common childhood fears.

"Talking to your children about their emotional and social responses is very important; but sometimes parents need a springboard to get that conversation started," wrote tech columnist Jinny Gudmundsen. "Mobile apps can help."

Gudmundsen gave Wee You-Things four stars (out of four), writing: "Wee You-Things is a great way to start a conversation about why each person (including the reader) is special; and why it is important to respect those who are different from you."

Find out more about Wee You-Things, and download the app here

What Wee Read

Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales

Niño dons a wrestling mask (with his tighty whities). “So superb are his talents that out-of this-world-contenders line up to challenge him." Like Niño vs. El Extraterrestre, Niño vs. El Chamuco, and — most challenging — Niño vs. Las Hermanitas (his little sisters)! “Ay, ay, ay, ajúa!” The book is a quick history lesson in luche libre — a theatrical style of professional wrestling involving masks and storytelling. It inspired our kids to make up their own luche libre masks and signature wrestling moves.