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Maude, The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton by Lauren Child

The Shrimpton family is a crew of exuberant, oddball characters who stand out from the crowd — except Maude, who’s more of a wallflower. When Maude asks for a goldfish for her birthday, her over-the-top family gets her a tiger instead. But things don’t go quite as the family expects. (Tigers, as it turns out, get ferociously hungry.) Maude is a kid-friendly take on the quirky, dark humor of the The Royal Tenenbaums — reminding us that dysfunctional families are the most entertaining kind. And sometimes blending in is a useful trait.

What Wee Read

Alphabetics by Patrick & Traci Concepción

This ABC book’s subtitle, “An Aesthetically Awesome Alliterated Alphabet Anthology,” pretty much sums it up. Captivating illustrations and semi-outrageous tongue twisters like “Yvette the yuppie Yeti yodels a yearnful yawn after finishing a yard of fro yo in the Yukon” get our kids giggling. And it leads to some rad vocab lessons. (Glossary in back for parents who need a hand.)

Create Your Own Spooky Story

In the latest free DIY from the Wee Workshop, kids can make their own Halloween-inspired books.

The workshop was tested with a group of wildly imaginative kids at the Cooper Hewitt’s Harlem Design Center, and includes a fill-in-the-blanks story, instructions for DIY stamps and inspiration for stamping your own illustrations.

Download the Hallowee Spooky Story Wee Workshop right here.

When you're done, share your creations at www.facebook.com/weesociety

A (Not Too) Spooky Spider!

Just in time for Halloween, here’s our latest design collaboration with Tattly — a not-too-spooky spider tattoo.

Made with Tattly’s temporary, nontoxic vegetable-based ink, Spooky Spider, along with our Boo Crew, is a super-cute complement to a costume, and way more fun than finding a real eight-legged critter crawling up your arm! 

You can get a set of two Spooky Spiders for $5 at Tattly, including shipping within the U.S.

What Wee Read

Tiny Pie by Mark Bailey and Michael Oatman and illustrated by Edward Hemingway

After taking our kids apple picking this weekend, they couldn’t wait to read this sweet little story about making tiny apple pie. Ellie the Elephant is bummed that she can’t be part of her parents’ grown-up party. Just when she’s feeling too small to do anything, Ellie discovers mice hosting a cooking show (featuring Tiny Pie) behind her kitchen wall. She finds out that even the tiniest hands, noses and mouths can do big things. At the end, there’s a bonus Tiny Pie recipe from Alice Waters for little bakers.

What Wee Read

The Adventures of Beekle The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat 

An imaginary friend is waiting (on an island of imaginary creatures) to be imagined by a real kid. After he’s passed over again and again, he decides to head out on his own to find friendship. He ultimately discovers the perfect BFF, who names him Beekle. And just like that, the lovable Beekle discovers his purpose — and inspires our kids to dream up their own imaginary worlds.

What Wee Read

The Bear’s Sea Escape by Benjamin Chaud

This delightful sequel picks up right where The Bear’s Song (another Wee Read favorite) leaves off, and follows a new adventure of Papa Bear trying to find his Little Bear. Their journey takes them from a crowded Paris department store, to a bustling wharf, onto a cruise ship, under the sea, and to a tropical island. Our kids love spotting Little Bear on each gorgeously illustrated spread. Like the very best picture books, there are stories happening well beyond the words on the page.